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Nativity Icon Triptych

Triptych of the Nativity Outer doors: Top: Kings David and Solomon Bottom: The Annunciation by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary Inside doors: Top – Angels in Adoration Bottom – The Three Wise Men and Two Angels Center Panel: The Virgin is pictured reclining (as in an effortless birth) in a cave with Christ in a manger which also signifies His tomb. TROPARION (Fourth Tone) Your Nativity, O Christ Our God, has shed the light of knowledge upon the world. Through it, those who had been star-worshipers learned through a star to worship You, O Sun of Justice, and to recognize in You the One who rises and who comes from on high. Glory to You O Lord! KONTAKION (Third Tone) Today the Virgin gives birth to the One who surpasses all essences, and the earth offers a cave to God, the Inaccessible One. Angels sing his glory together with the shepherds: for to us is born a Child, God in all eternity. MANIFICATION Magnify, O my soul, the Virgin who has delivered us from the original curse! Joseph and Mary, because they were from the House of David, came from Nazareth to Bethlehem the City of David, for a census of the people. An angel came to the shepherds and told them of the birth of Christ, the Messiah. Wise men came from the East to acknowledge Christ. Lamps are always lit above the silver star marking the place of the birth of Christ. 7 3/16"x10 3/8"

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