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Dr Ionut-Alexandru Tudorie
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Rev. Dr Bogdan Bucur, Rev. Ignatius Green & Dr Vitaly Permiakov
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Table of Contents for Volume 64, Numbers 1-2 (December 2020)

  1. Editorial
  2. The Ordination Prayers in the Traditio Apostolica: The Search for a Grundschrift by Alistair C. Stewart
  3. Martyrdom in Roman Gaul by David McCready
  4. Who Was Blocking the Font of Mercy? Late Antique Problems With Managing the “Righteous” and the Sinners by Lisa D. Maugans Driver
  5. The Eucharist in the Pastoral and Liturgical Practice of the Russian Orthodox Church by Michael Zheltov
  6. The Voices of the "Triumphant Hymn": The Orthodox Sanctus as a Christian Merkabah Text by Silviu N. Bunta
  7. Word, Sacrament and Mission: Reflections on the Spirit and the Eschaton Within Alexander Schmemann’s Sacramental Theology by Daniela C. Augustine
  8. The Theology of Virtues According to Justin Popovic by Neven Vukic
  9. Effects of Dependency in Orthodox Church Missions: A Western Kenyan Perspective by Joseph William Black
  10. The Vocation and Mission of the People of God: “A Chosen Race, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation” by The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation
  11. Book Reviews
  12. Notes on Contributors

Advisory Board
Dr Theodora Antonopoulou
Rev. Dr Michael Azar
Dr Leslie Baynes
Dr Paul Blowers
Dr Sandrine Caneri
Dr Alexey Fokin
Dr Nina Glibetić
Most Rev. Dr Alexander Golitzin
Dr Tamara Grdzelidze
Rev. Dr Ioan Ică, Jr
Rev. Dr John Jones
Dr Nadieszda Kizenko
Rev. Dr Christopher Knight
Prof. Jean-Claude Larchet
Dr Georgi Parpulov
Dr István Perczel
Dr Marcus Plested
Dr Alexis Torrance
Dr Lucian Turcescu
Dr Jeffrey Wickes