This Is My Beloved Son: The Transfiguration of Christ

Andreas Andreopoulos
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The Transfiguration, one of the  most mysterious miracles of Christ, has been mostly misunderstood for two millennia.

"Andreas Andreopoulos approaches the Transfiguration explaining its significants in the continuing experience of the church and in the personal journey of each Christian. He sees the Transfiguration as 'a timeless story,' as 'an event that keeps on happening.' He writes in a way that is vivid yet profound and often unexpected. Reading his text, I have come to look at Christ's Transfiguration, and our own, with new eyes and a fresh understanding." -From the Forward by Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia

"For many Western Christians the Transfiguration is a barely remembered incident in the Gospels; its feast, August 6, is a non-event! Here, a master of Eastern theology and a specialist in iconography explores this Gospel-event as a revelation of the mystery of Christ and simultaneously a revelation of our own human identity. What makes this book special is that it plumbs the riches of Eastern CHristianity from within, but expresses that wealth in a way that Western Christians can appreciate." -Thomas O'Loughlin, Professor of Historical Theology, History of Nottingham

"A radiant book about the lovely radiance of Christ on the mountain: and how it symbolizes the Lord's abiding presence, at once eucharistic and mysterious, in his Church across time. Highly recomended for spiritual reading." -Fr. John McGuckin, Columbia University, author of Prayer Book of the Early Christians


ANDREAS ANDREOPOULOS was born in Greece, earned his PhD in theology at the University of Durham under Fr. Andrew Louth, and has written books such as Metamorphosis: The Transfiguration in Byzantine Theology and Iconography, Art as Theology, and The Sign of the Cross. He is currently Reader in Orthodox CHristianity at the University of Winchester.

METROPOLITAN KALLISTOS is author of The Orthodox Way and The Orthodox Church.