Donor Opportunities to Assist in Manuscript Production and Publication

Patrons play a major role in SVS Press’s mission of spreading the gospel and educating the world about Orthodox Christianity. Patrons who sponsor SVS Press titles boost SVS Press & Bookstore revenues, which in turn feed the Seminary’s annual operational fund.

Below is a list of manuscripts, all by well-known authors, just waiting for a patron. If you’d like to become an SVS Press Book Patron, just choose one of the below titles, then register your intention on this page (please see the form below); or, contact Sarah Werner, Chief Marketing Officer of St Vladimir's Seminary and Press,

1) SVS Press Classics Series

For half a century, SVS Press has offered the world the riches of the Orthodox Church's faith, teaching, and spirituality. The St. Vladimir's Seminary Press Classics Series presents new editions of the Press’s most beloved texts, with fresh forewords and additional material to help readers delve deeper into these seminal works of contemporary Orthodox thought.

SVS Press Classics Series Volume 3: St Gregory Palamas and Orthodox Spirituality

By Father John Meyendorff

This richly documented and lavishly illustrated study of Orthodox spirituality traces the development of "Orthodox mysticism" from the desert fathers through the patristic tradition to Byzantine hesychasm and its heritage in Russian monasticism. It shows how the work of fourteenth-century Byzantine saint and Church Father St Gregory Palamas transcends the limits of one school of spirituality and renews in its deepest essence the life of the Christian Mystery.

Donor opportunity: $5,000 for production and publication of the hardback edition of the manuscript; $3,000 for production and publication of the paperback edition of the manuscript

2) Platonism and Mystical Theology

By Jean Daniélou

Appearing for the first time in English, this seminal work illumines the person and thought of a major church father, St. Gregory of Nyssa. Author Jean Daniélou was an important figure in the French ressourcement movement—a mid-20th century Roman Catholic theological movement that insisted on a return to patristic thought. Contemporary Orthodox theologians who also encouraged a return to the original writings of the church fathers, such as Alexander Schmemann and John Meyendorff, often referenced his work.

Donor opportunity: $3,000 for production and publication of paperback edition


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