Apocalypse [audio CDs]

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The Book of Revelation within Orthodox Christian Tradition

Retreat lectures on compact disk
4-CD Set

These lectures offer a fresh approach to reading the Book of Revelation and understanding its complex messages. While Fr Hopko notes that "everything about the Apocalypse is controversial--not only in modern scholarship but also in church history," he grounds the place of this cryptic writing within the context of ongoing life in the Orthodox Church. In particular, he draws attention to the symbols and words originating in the Hebrew scriptures and demonstrates that the Book of Revelation not only has inspired the Liturgy of the Church but also has been inspired by it. Fr Hopko transforms the typical, modern exegesis of this biblical text from one of literal fundamentalism and futuristic prophecy to one of experiencing eternal life, here and now, in the worship of the Church.

Apocalypse: The Book of Revelation within Orthodox Christian Tradition
CD 1: Historical Context
CD 2: Signs and Symbols
CD 3: Apocalyptic Images
CD 4: The Last Days and Redemption

The Speaker:Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko is Dean Emeritus of St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary and a world-renowned lecturer.