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Mother Raphaela


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Living in Christ

This collection of essays stuns the reader at every turn of the page...both an enticing depiction of abundant life in Jesus Christ and a warning of the persona sacrifice and labor necessity to acquire it. Ironically she compels her audience to desire to live honestly and in joyous communion with God while cautioning that such spiritual growth comes neither by magic, nor feigned piety, nor laziness. It comes by "proven ability to be responsible and willing to work, plus the inner resources to function or stimulation"

These essays are for those who are serious about giving up excuses, complaints, ingrained bad habits and the blame of others for all their problems. They are not "chicken soup for the soul;" They are strong medicine for intransigent sin. They are the cold showers for hot passions that have led us to anxiety, depression, power trips, and problems with relationships. They are gems of sound, solid advice to water a parched soul.

- Deborah Belonick

Mother Raphaela is abbess of Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery in Otego, New York.

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