O Champion Leader [CD]

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In over forty-eight years numerous Octets and choirs composed of different faces and sounds, fresh and enthused, have served to fulfill a vision and provide a tangible expression of the hopes of many Orthodox Christians throughout North America for cooperation and genuine unity among various jurisdictions of our Church. In addition to carrying with it the diverse musical traditions that have emerged in the liturgical life of the Seminary chapel and a large selection of Orthodox literature, the Octet and choirs have made the Seminary truly present to those for whom it would otherwise be only a distant reality.

This recording by the 1995 St Vladimir"s Seminary Octet features 21 hymns sung in English. You will hear the voices of: Sergius Halvorsen Director; Priests: V Rev Thomas Hopko, V Rev Paul Lazor; and choir members: Michael Breck, Peter DeFonce, Sergius Halvorsen, Timothy Kozak, Stephen Loposky, Eric Schwartze, and Eugene Wozniak .

This recording is dedicated in thanksgiving to the memory of Fr Joseph Olas, member of the original Octet. Memory eternal!

1. Come Let Us Worship Common Chant N Bakmetev (Obikhod)
2. Bless the Lord (Psalm 103) Greek Chant N Kedrov
3. Great Litany Putna Monastery Chant S Froyshov
4. Blessed is the Man ( Psalm 1) Kievan Chant B Ledkovsky
5. Dogmatikon ( Hymn to the Theotokos) Znamenny Chant (Tone 5) N Uspensky (transcript)
6. Gladsome Light Znamenny Polyphony N Uspensky (transcript)
7. Prokeimenon " The Lord is King" Carpatho-Russian Chant P Jannakos
8. Prayer of St Symeon Byzantine Chant (Tone 6) B Kazan – D Drillock
9. Augmented Litany Byzantine Chant A Lingas
10. Magnification Feast of the Three Hierarchs Znamenny Chant B Ledkovsky
11. Trisagion Hymn M Breck
12. Troparion to St Vladimir Trinity -St Sergius Monastery Chant
13. Alleluia and Hymn of Light ( Lenten Matins) Znamenny Chant (Tone 5) J von Gardner
14. "Have Mercy On Us" ( Great Compline) Valaam Chant D Drillock
15. Kanon of St Andrew of Crete ( Hirmoi 1-9) Znamenny Chant A Arkhangel"sky
16. O Taste and See (Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts) Valaam Chant J Erickson
17. O Champion Leader (Kontakion – Akathistos) Byzantine Chant ( Tone 8) S Froyshov
18. Antiphon XVI ( Matins of Great Friday) Byzantine Chant ( Tone 6) J Erickson D Drillock
19. Joseph Together With Nicodemus" ( Vespers of Great Friday) Pskov Melody H Benigsen
20. Cherubic Hymn Znamenny Polyphony N Uspensky – S Voytovich
21. The Angel Cried Valaam Chant N Balakirev