Resurrection and the Icon, The

Michel Quenot
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In the frantic consumption of images which has so characterized our times, a profound unrest has come to light, an emerging desire for a different image, one that might serve as the means for mankind's awakening, as a source of fulfillment and peace. In the great tradition of the Orthodox Church, the icon remains as a witness to the reality which it depicts and, more importantly, renews the presence of that reality within the worshipping community. By its silent proclamation, the icon avoids the traps of human reason and fathoms the depth of a person's being. Those who gaze upon it are drawn into the mysteries of salvation and, by their willing contemplation, open themselves to the transfiguring presence of the Risen One. 

In a fascinating evaluation of the interdependence of Orthodox iconography and liturgical worship, Quenot leads the reader on a pilgrimage through the major feasts of the Church's annual cycle by way of their iconographic representations. In every instance the image in question is treated not as a distinct work of art but rather as an integral element in an edifice that has as its unshakable foundation the Resurrection of Christ.

Includes 68 full-color iconographic reproductions and 26 black-and-white prints.

Includes index and glossary.

About the Author: Michel Quenot, an Orthodox layman who teaches modern languages in Switzerland, is intensely involved in the study of the art and the theology of the icon. His previous works include The Icon: Window of the Kingdom (SVS Press, 1991).