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St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, vol. 48, no. 2-3 (2004)

The Association of the Name Hyppolytus with a Church Order, Now Known as the Apostolic Tradition
J. A. Cerrato

Who Wrote the Apostolic Tradition? A Response to Alistair Stewart-Sykes
Paul F. Bradshaw

St Hippolytus, Biblical Exegete, Roman Bishop, and Martyr
Allen Brent

Traditio Apostolica, the Liturgy of Third-Century Rome, and the Hippolytean School, Or Quomodo Historia Liturgica Conscribenda Sit
Alistair Stewart-Sykes

Review Article: Gabriel Bunge and the Study of Evagrius Ponticus
Augustine Casiday

Review Essay: Old Treasure in New Vessels
Marina Ledkovsky

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