St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly vol 51, no. 2-3 (2007)

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Table of Contents:

Froyshov, Stig Simon R. The Early Development of the Liturgical Eight Mode System in Jerusalem.

Getcha, Job. Confession and Spiritual Direction in the Orthodox Church: Some Modern Questions to a Very Ancient Practice.

Woolfenden, Gregory. Praying the Anaphora: Aloud or in Silence?

Denysenko, Nicholas. The Revision of the Vigil Service.

Gavrilyuk, Paul L. The Participation of the Deacons in the Distribution of Communion in the Early Church.

Guevin, Benedict M. Liturgical Ethics.

Psarev, Andrei V. The 19th Canonical Answer of Timothy of Alexandria: on the History of Sacramental Oikonomia.

Karras, Valerie A. Priestesses of Priests' Wives: Presbytera in Early Christianity.