St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, Volume 65, Numbers 3-4 (2021)

PB-SVTQ65 3-4
Dr Ionut-Alexandru Tudorie
Editorial Board:
Rev. Dr Bogdan Bucur, Rev. Ignatius Green & Dr Vitaly Permiakov
6 x 9
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The Winter 2021 issue of the Quarterly (SVTQ 3-4/2021) opens with three texts that propose new approaches to their respective theological areas: “Theophany as the Origin and Foundation of the Church: Fundamental Theology from an Orthodox Perspective,” by Fr Dragoș A. Giulea, on the origin and ongoing spiritual life of the Church; “Apophatic Christology, Scripture, and Monotheism” by Ethan Smith, which suggests a method for a properly Orthodox biblical theology; and Rebecca H. Luft’s “The Visuality of Priestly Thought: Tabernacle as Thauma- Pneumatic Icon,” delving into the construction of the tabernacle in Exodus 25–40 as ekphrastic texts.

This double issue of the Quarterly also contains patristic studies “The Resurrection of Lazarus in John Chrysostom’s, Cyril of Alexandria’s, and Augustine’s Commentaries on the Gospel of John” (Bogdan Tătaru-Cazaban) and “You are gods: Theosis through a Christic Union in Theodoret of Cyrus” (Charles G. Kim, Jr.); an original investigation by Ciprian C. Apintiliesei bringing irrefutable proof of “The Contribution of Ebner’s Dialogical Philosophy to Stăniloae’s Theology of the Person”; and two theological essays—the first one on the intersection between the life-mode of the megalopolis and that of the Kingdom as embodied by St John the Almsgiver (Fr Gregory Nacsinák), and the second one on the luminous figure of Nicolae Steinhardt, a Jewish literary critic and public intellectual who converted to Orthodoxy while imprisoned in 1960s communist Romania. Several book reviews round out this latest Quarterly issue.


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Advisory Board

Dr Theodora Antonopoulou
Rev. Dr Michael Azar
Dr Leslie Baynes
Dr Paul Blowers
Dr Sandrine Caneri
Dr Alexey Fokin
Dr Nina Glibetić
Most Rev. Dr Alexander Golitzin
Dr Tamara Grdzelidze
Rev. Dr Ioan Ică, Jr
Rev. Dr John Jones
Dr Nadieszda Kizenko
Rev. Dr Christopher Knight
Prof. Jean-Claude Larchet
Dr Georgi Parpulov
Dr István Perczel
Dr Marcus Plested
Dr Alexis Torrance
Dr Lucian Turcescu
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