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SVS Library Packages provide an excellent way to establish or supplement your church, school, community, or home library while saving anywhere from 25% to 40% off retail prices of SVS Publications.

The Blackbird's Nest (Schroedel)

Book of Jonah (Chocheli)

Boy, A Kitchen, and His Cave, The (Contopoulos)

Celebrate the Earth (Papademetriou)

Christ in the Old Testament (Chocheli)

Moscata Visits a Monastery (Youell)

North Star: St Herman of Alaska (Papademetriou)

The Praises (Chocheli)

Prepare, O Bethlehem! (Chocheli)

Saint Casilda Brings the Bread (Johnson)

Saint Eleazar Fills His Cup (Melinda Johnson)

Saint George and the Dragon (Forest)

Saint Ia Rides a Leaf (Johnson)

Saint Nicholas and the Nine Gold Coins (Forest)

Silent as a Stone (Forest)

Story of Mary the Mother of God (Papademetriou)

The Man and the Vine (Meyer)

Woman and the Wheat (Meyer)

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