The Great Horologion-Two Volume Set


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After the Holy Bible, this is probably the single book that should be in every parish and home, for performing the divine services in their full form and for carrying out the cycle of one's daily life of prayer. Includes the Daily Cycle of Services, the liturgical calendar, the Katavasiae for the seasons of the year, the Eclogarion (special selections of Psalms) for Vigils, nine Akathist services, Prayers before and after Holy Communion, an index of Feasts and Saints with over 4,500 entries, Paschalion for the years 1997 to 2100 and a complete table of contents. Printed in 8 inch x 11.5 inch format on acid-free, seventy pound paper in the same superb quality as the Pentecostarion and Menaion.