The Making of the New Testament

Theodore G. Stylianopoulos

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“This book is a truly remarkable ‘short study’ telling the extraordinary story of the making of the New Testament in the light of the rise and growth of the ancient universal Church. Its impeccable academic quality is accompanied in every chapter by the profound hermeneutical insights provided by the life of the Church and the patristic-biblical-exegetical heritage. I am sure that [it] will be spiritually edifying and theologically informative, connecting the readers to the New Testament, the eternal sacred text of the Church, and the absolute Word of God.”

From the Foreword by Archbishop Demetrios Trakatellis
Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America

“Fr. Theodore Stylianopoulos’ new book is an extraordinary study––short, concise, complete, carefully and fairly written. It synthesizes the fruits of a lifetime of rigorous historical-critical scholarship together with a lifetime of faith, worship, and service in the Church that canonized the twenty-seven New Testament writings which in turn, each in its own way, bears witness to the Church’s evangelical “canon of faith” summed up in the apostolic gospel. I recommend this rare achievement to everyone interested in this crucial subject that remains as controversial today as ever.”

Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko, Dean Emeritus
St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, Tuckahoe, New York

“The Making of the New Testament is essential reading for anyone seriously interested in the current state of Orthodox biblical studies. Scholarly but readable, balanced but passionately argued, the book explores the organic interdependence of the nascent Church and the writings that would become our New Testament––an interdependence based on and expressive of the apostolic gospel in all its fullness.”

Rev. Dr. John Erickson
Peter N. Gramowich Professor of Church History, Emeritus,
and former Dean of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary