Woman and the Wheat, The [Paperback]

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There once was a woman who planted some wheat...

So begins this rhythmical, festive children's book about the joy of a farmer as she works to grow the wheat and bake the bread that she will offer back to her Creator in Eucharistic celebration. The vibrant images -- reminiscent of fields in the American mid-west -- sparkle in light-saturated, warm jewel-tones and provide the perfect backdrop for the story of a woman in love with the earth, and her labor, and equally in love with her God.


About the Author:  Jane G. Meyer is a children's book author and editor. She comes from a long line of French Basque bakers and still bakes bread regularly for herself and her neighbors. Because of her love of Christ and the saints she writes books to inspire children and their parents in their faith.


About the Illustrator: Ned Gannon lived in New York for seven years, illustrating and painting for galleries, before taking a teaching position at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. His work has been exhibited at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, and the Society of Illustrators Gallery in New York.