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Nenad Milosevic


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Christ and the Church: The Divine Eucharist as the All-Encompassing Mystery of the Church

Milosevic presents the theological significance of the divine Eucharist as the par excellence All-Mystery of the Church and uncovers its inextricable link with the individual sacraments and their dependence upon it, which is seen in their performance all until the period of Turkish rule. As the aim of his research, Milosevic examines this linkage and the manner in which it is demonstrated within the manuscript tradition as with ancient liturgical practice, the testimony of the Fathers as well as the theological reasons, which have encouraged this association. Subsequently he examines the reasons for their separation, along with the the possibilities of returning to the more correct older practices, offering even some practical recommendations stemming from tradition. With this perspective, the contents of the book are expounded systematically with chapters for the sacraments of baptism, marriage, unction, and for the remaining rites and offices (the laying of hands, blessing of chrism, consecration of a temple, monastic tonsure, lesser blessing waters, services for the departed, etc.) Their exposition is clear and complete, with an abundance of citations from manuscripts, the Fathers, and contemporary sources.