Christ the Eternal Tao

Hieromonk Damascene
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In the beginning was the Tao,

And the Tao was with God,

And the Tao was God.

...And the Tao was made flesh

And dwelt among us...

-The Gospel of John, Translated from the Chinese

 The pristine image of Christ through the eyes of Lao Tzu

Not until now has the ancient wisdom of Lao Tzu been presented alongside the otherworldly revelation of Jesus Christ in a way that encompasses the full significance of both. Avoiding the common pitfalls of religious syncretism, Christ the Eternal Tao shows Lao Tzu's Tao Teh Ching as a foreshadowing of what would be revealed by Christ, and Lao Tzu himself as a Far-Eastern prophet of the Incarnate God.

Through heretofore unpublished translations and teachings of Giming Shien-perhaps the greatest Chinese philosopher to have ever come to the West- this book uncovers the esoteric core of the Tao Teh Ching. Then, through the transmission of mystics of the ancient Christian East, Lao Tzu's teaching is brought into a new dimension, exploding with new meanings. Christ, in turn, is seen in a unique light, His pure image shining in the clarity of Lao Tzu's intuitive vision.

With its unfolding of spiritual history and its practical, time-tested advice on how to unite oneself with the Incarnate Tao and acquire Uncreated Teh, this is both a philosophical source-book and a manual for one's interior life. It is a long-awaited Answer for those who, having turned away from modern Western religiosity, are drawn to the freshness, directness and simplicity of Lao Tzu, and at the same time are strangely, inexplicably drawn back to the all-compelling reality of Jesus Christ.