God's Many-Splendored Image: Theological Anthropology for Christian Formation

Nonna Verna Harrison

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What does it mean to be a human being made in the image of God? This book makes the case that the divine image can be seen in not just one or two aspects of human identity but in all of them. The author, a specialist in early Christianity, reveals the light that leading theologians of the early church shed on contemporary discussions of what it means to be human. Each chapter explores a different facet of the divine image and likeness and maps out a path that can lead toward wholeness and holiness. This fresh approach to theological anthropology brings Greek patristic theology to students in a readable fashion.

"Sister Nonna writes as an expert in the early Christian world and its literature, but she presents the fruits of her learning in a form that is readily accessible to every reader. Her style is simple yet profound, vivid yet never overstated... Here truly is a work that I can recommend with all my heart." -Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of Diokleia

"A straightforward account of ancient Greek anthropology and spirituality that shows other, non-Augustinian methods for understanding the human condition before God. This side of patristic theological development deserves to be heard." -D.H. Williams, Baylor University

Nonna Verna Harrison (PhD, Graduate Theological Union) is assistant professor of church history at Saint Paul School of Theology and author of Grace and Human Freedom according to St. Gregory of Nyssa.