Kingdom of God, The

Archbishop Dmitri Royster
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This fine scriptural commentary on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, will profit readers looking for a commentary that is at once simple, spiritually rich and scripture-based. The book is addressed to any Christian who wishes to see the ways in which the teaching of Jesus illuminate contemporary life and show what it means to be a follower of Christ. Bishop Dmitri says the Beatitudes are the "first principle," given in a "logical sequence in which the way of developed spiritual life is given by our Lord Jesus Christ." 

This work offers insights into the Orthodox Christian tradition in a context which is based firmly on the New Testament and supported by the exposition of the Church Fathers. Focusing on controversial words and phrases that carry a special significance for Christians, Bishop Dmitri explains their meaning in the original Greek or Hebrew, and explains the connection with the entire Orthodox tradition of ascetical, moral, and spiritual life.

This commentary is helpful to anyone who sets upon the path of holiness but is engulfed by the moral ambiguities of a secularized society. Particular attention is focused on such contemporary issues as job, workplace, money and material possessions, and moral questions.


About the Author: His Eminence Dmitri Royster, retired Archbishop of Dallas and the South of the Orthodox Church in America, and author of Six SVS Press titles, fell asleep in the Lord on 28 August 2011.