Master, Bless! Hymns of the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy (CD)


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This CD presents the Orthodox Divine Liturgy in its richest, most majestic form--when a bishop serves. The resplendent singing of the mixed choir alternates with angelic trios and the sonorous singing of the clergy choir. Where appropriate, the congregation joins in with joyful refrains of antiphonal psalmody. The program features new and recently composed works by modern-day Orthodox composers Maia Aprahamian, Roman Hurko, Ivan Moody, and Alexander Ruggieri, as well as settings by such Orthodox masters as Chesnokov, Gardner, Gretchaninoff, Karam, Kastalsky, Nikolsky, and Rachmaninoff. "...extremely useful for any parish that is serious about congregational participation...A ministry to Orthodox churches all around the English speaking world."~A priest of the Antiochian Archdiocese “Master, Bless!” is Archangel Voices at their best. --Valerie Yova An aural image of angelic worship..." --Fr. Sergei Glagolev "A moving spiritual and musical experience" --James Meena "A marvelous recording" --David Drillock