Now the Powers - A Journey Through Great Lent (St Nicholas Church Choir)

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For the Orthodox Christian, the liturgical year revolves around the celebration of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In this recording we share with you the rich and powerful message of the Church's teaching about Great Lent and Pascha as conveyed through her liturgical worship. The music collection of over 25 hymns takes you on a moving, spiritual journey to Pascha, beginning with Pre-Lenten season and ending with the triumphant Paschal proclamation that "Christ is Risen...!"



Unto The TheotokosThy Fatherly Embrace • O Son of God • By The Waters of Babylon • Call To Fasting and Prayer • A Helper and A Protector • My Soul, My Soul • The Great Prokeimenon • Let My Prayer Arise • Now The Powers of Heaven • O Taste and See • Having Suffered Passions For Us • A Most Grieving Mother • Behold The Bridegroom • Thy Bridal Chamber • The Wise Thief • Come, Let Us Bless Joseph • The Noble Joseph • Arise of God • Let All Mortal Flesh • All of Creation • The Kanon-Heirmos • Do Not Lament-Heirmos • The Song of Light • Christ Is Risen