Christian Faith & Same Sex Attraction

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Father Thomas Hopko draws on the wisdom of the Orthodox Christian Church and the Holy Scriptures to help us understand same-sex attraction, with both compassion and clarity. Combining theological and pastoral insights, this small gem will aid pastors, those who experience same-sex desires, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the nature of our identity and our sexuality.

This book is in reality a primer on how to overcome the passions through the traditional Christian ascetic struggle, which of course applies to everyone "... In a winsomely accessible manner, he draws on the treasures of Orthodoxy to invite all of us to move from disputation to reflection, and from there to the wholeness for which we are created by God." Richard John Neuhaus, Editor-in-Chief of First Things

"... The argument is closely reasoned and touches on many aspects of this issue that are often ignored in popular presentations...A provocative book that will surely help everyone who reads it!"

Timothy George is dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University and an executive editor of Christianity Today.