Science and the Christian Faith

Christopher C. Knight
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How do we understand and articulate our Christian faith in the age of science? Are the two in conflict? Fr Christopher Knight - a theologian who also holds a doctorate in astrophysics - is well-equipped to guide us through these questions. He argues that not only is there no conflict between faith and science, but our contemporary scientific worldview can be deepened and refined by engagement with the riches of the ancient Orthodox tradition.


About The Author: Christopher C. Knight holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics and serves as a priest of the Orthodox Church. He is a Senior Research Associate of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, England.

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5 Reviews

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    Excellent book

    Posted by Dr Peter Bouteneff on 29th Jul 2021

    This excellent book doesn’t provide all the answers or give nice, tidy explanations. What it offers is far more valuable — the reflections on science and on theology on the part of an informed scientist who is an Orthodox priest. This book will inform us, it will make us think, and it may well bring us to a more grounded faith.

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    Not scientific or Christian

    Posted by David M. Walter, MD on 14th Jul 2021

    I was highly offended by this book of pseudo science and pseudo religion. Either Fr. Knight ignores recent discoveries in molecular biology and epigenetics. If he was aware of these then he would realize how untenable evolutionary theory is. He also shows his lack of grasp of what Science is. His literal abuse of the Church Fathers is another untenable step he has taken. He should go back to his Scientism full time

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    An excellent contribution

    Posted by Hieromonk Basil (Blevins) on 9th Apr 2021

    I recently finished reading “Science and the Christian Faith,” and found it to be an excellent contribution to the ongoing science-theology dialogue. It was very refreshing to read an Orthodox author who is well-versed in all of the relevant disciplines—science, philosophy, and theology—address this important topic. Thank you for the labor I’m sure you invested in getting this volume published. We really need more like it.

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    Science and the Christian Faith

    Posted by Paul Gavrilyuk, PhD on 13th Jan 2021

    It is important for Orthodox theologians and scientists to join other Christian thinkers in a constructive dialogue between science and religion. Christopher Knight approaches this dialogue from a distinctly Orthodox Christian perspective by retrieving the patristic concept of nous for the contemporary theology of nature. Emphasizing God’s immanence in creation, he proposes to understand miracles as divine signs of the true nature of the cosmos to be fully restored at the eschaton. This is a powerful and captivating vision.

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    Science and the Christian Faith

    Posted by Sarah Lane Ritchie, PhD on 13th Jan 2021

    Christopher Knight is the world's leading scholar on the relationship between contemporary science and Orthodox theology. A must-have for the Orthodox, this book also provides key new perspectives for all Christians wrestling with scientific challenges to faith. Knight brilliantly engages both contemporary science and core Orthodox commitments to articulate insightful ways forward for those perplexed within an age of science.