Reaching Out

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All of us who want to involve our young people in the life of the Church know it is not an easy task. Young people are pulled in a hundred different directions by what they encounter in books, at school, on TV, and with their peers – and precious few of those influences reflect values even remotely Christian. Our children can easily reach the mistaken conclusion that the Church is irrelevant to their lives and decisions because it is in conflict with many of the ideas which are accepted by our society.

This work is intended to accomplish the following:

  • To educate teenagers about and involve them in Christ-like service
  • To instill in teens the idea that the Orthodox Church, while a place of action where people do things, is also a place where people constantly reflect on what they are doing in order to discern what God wants us to do.
  • To familiarize teens with the Orthodox Church in America’s Resource Handbook for Lay Ministries
  • To motivate teenagers to serve and minister to others