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Publisher: St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite Publication Society

Rev. Vassillios Bakoyiannis


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Simply Faithful: Faith and Miracles

"Humble and contrite in spirit" [Is. 66.2b] were our fathers and grandfathers in our country (Greece), and that is why the Lord performed many miracles for them that might sound incredible to us today.

Such edifying occurrences and events are presented in this book.

Father Andreas K. Papakonstandinou (1875-1960), my grandfather on my mother’s side, lived in a remote mountainous village in central Greece called Stavrohori, in the district of Evritania. Whenever a hailstorm threatened to destroy his fellow villagers’ harvest, he used to put on his priestly vestment, open the window of his home, and pray spontaneously. The hailstorm would change direction and “vanish” into the mountains! (Eye-witnesses have related this event to me). He had the Faith of a child. He was “Simply Faithful” as the holy and renowned (Greek) Elders Porphyrios and Paisios would have said.

In this book there are many interesting examples that show how this simple, unpretentious, and straightforward Faith works, and how much God is pleased by it. May our own Faith be augmented and strengthened after reading it. — Rev. Vassillios Bakoyiannia