Sin & Salvation: An Orthodox Understanding of Redemption


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What is salvation? What happens to us when we are ‘saved’? How are we saved? And what does this all mean to our daily lives as Orthodox Christians, who are struggling to lead spiritual lives in contemporary society?


According to Orthodox teaching, salvation is therapeutic renewal, regeneration, and resurrection in Christ. Salvation is the acquisition of the grace of the Holy Spirit. To be saved is to be sanctified and to participate in the divine life of God. 


This book provides a clear and concise introduction to the Orthodox understanding of salvation. It addresses such fundamental themes as the Fall of Adam, original sin, redemption and reconciliation, predestination, and the interaction between divine grace and human freedom, together with their related sub-themes. The content is based on the words of Holy Scripture, patristic writings, and the teachings of contemporary Orthodox Saints and Elders.


Although originally presented as introductory lectures for Orthodox seminarians, the style and approach are intended to make Sin and Salvation accessible for anyone seeking to enrich his understanding of Orthodox theology and spiritual life.

Harry Boosalis was Professor of Dogmatic Theology at St. Tikhon’s Seminary from 1992 to 2021.