St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, Volume 64, Numbers 3-4 (2020)

Dr Ionut-Alexandru Tudorie
Editorial Board:
Rev. Dr Bogdan Bucur, Rev. Ignatius Green & Dr Vitaly Permiakov
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After nearly 70 years of continuous publication, the St Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly (SVTQ), under the new editorial leadership of Dr Ionut-Alexandru Tudorie, Academic Dean of St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary and Professor of Church History, is transitioning from a four-volume quarterly publication to two double volumes, published biannually. The new editorial board includes Rev. Dr Bogdan Bucur, Associate Professor of Patristics, Dr Vitaly Permiakov, Assistant Professor of Liturgical Theology, and Rev. Ignatius Green, Editor & Production Manager of SVS Press.






Advisory Board

Dr Theodora Antonopoulou
Rev. Dr Michael Azar
Dr Leslie Baynes
Dr Paul Blowers
Dr Sandrine Caneri
Dr Alexey Fokin
Dr Nina Glibetić
Most Rev. Dr Alexander Golitzin
Dr Tamara Grdzelidze
Rev. Dr Ioan Ică, Jr
Rev. Dr John Jones
Dr Nadieszda Kizenko
Rev. Dr Christopher Knight
Prof. Jean-Claude Larchet
Dr Georgi Parpulov
Dr István Perczel
Dr Marcus Plested
Dr Alexis Torrance
Dr Lucian Turcescu
Dr Jeffrey Wickes