St Vladimir's Theological Quarterly, Volume 66, Numbers 3-4 (2022)

Dr Ionut-Alexandru Tudorie
Editorial Board:
Rev. Dr Bogdan Bucur, Rev. Ignatius Green & Dr Vitaly Permiakov
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The Winter 2022 issue of the Quarterly opens with an exegetical study of the refence to “the sign of
Jonah” in the Gospel of Matthew (L. Gore-Jones). There follow two articles on Gregory of Nyssa—one
on his reading of the burning bush in Life of Moses (T. Buijkx), the second on the relationship between
humanity’s creation “according to the Image” and St Gregory’s use of the imagery of food and hunger (A.
Fogleman / Th. Breedlove). A study of Byzantine prayers to the Theotokos ascribed to St Ephrem (M.
Constas) and an analysis of Origen’s Pneumatology (M. Therrien) complete the Patristic segment of this
issue. A large article follows, comparing the insights of Sergius Bulgakov (and a number of other
Orthodox theologians) and Yves Congar on the role of the Holy Spirit in the relationship between the
Father and the Son (A. Vivier-Mureșan).

The last article deals with the ambiguous Orthodox reception of
the section on Baptism in the 1982 “Lima Declaration” on Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (H.
Majkrzak).The “Theological Essay” section of this issue contains a short, moving, and refreshing
“Orthodox Creed” composed in the late 1980s by the Romanian literate, dissident, and later monastic
Nicolae Steinhardt; and a consideration of the 19th-century Transylvanian Metropolitan Andrei Şaguna’s
understanding of synodality as a form of a constitutionalism, in which clergy and laity cooperate (D.

Reviews of the following books round of this volume of SVTQ: Θεία Λειτουργία κατά την
τάξιν εν Άθω Μονής του Βατοπαιδίου – Ιερατικόν Συλλειτουργόν (The Divine Liturgy according to the
order of the Vatopedi Monastery on Athos – Hieratikon for Concelebrations) 2020 (P. Pruteanu); S.N.
Bunta, The Lord God of Gods: Divinity and Deification in Early Judaism 2021 (M. Awabdi); S. Brock,
trans., Isaac of Nineveh. Headings on Spiritual Knowledge (The Second Part, Chapters 1–3) 2022 (J.
Scully); D. Costache, Humankind and the Cosmos: Early Christian Representations 2021 (Ch. Knight);
V. Coman, Dumitru Stăniloae’s Trinitarian Ecclesiology: Orthodoxy and the Filioque 2019 (P. Maican).



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