The First and Finest: Orthodox Christian Stewardship as Sacred Offering

Father Robert Holet

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The First and Finest: Orthodox Christian Stewardship as Sacred Offering explores the rich biblical and historical themes of Christian stewardship from an Eastern Orthodox perspective, drawing insights from themes in the Old and New Testaments and ancient Christianity. The study of stewardship in Church history reveals how contemporary concepts of the 'religious economy' impact how and why Christians exercise stewardship today. The premise for this study- that Orthodox stewardship is centered in the priestly offering of Christ and His followers who comprise His Church- helps Christians today to differentiate the holy way of Christian offering from false or misguided concepts of stewardship and offers suggestions for ways in which church communities can rediscover the richness of these insights from the ancient, Orthodox tradition. This study is intended to challenge every reader to consider whether he or she offers his or her first and finest to the Lord, and encourages parishes to exercise stewardship as an act of divine worship in the service of God and the poor.

  • What is different or unique about Orthodox Christian stewardship? Why should I care?
  • Is Tithing 'Orthodox'?
  • Do our Church and parish structures promote a holy way of stewardship for people or hinder it?
  • What ever happened to 'stewardship' in Church history?
  • How can parishes recover a stewardship mindset in a materialistic world?

Fr. Robert Holet, D.Min., a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, serves as its Stewardship Director and pastor of St. Nicholas Church, Charlottesville, Virginia where he resides with his wife, Christine. He received his doctorate from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, completing a study of Orthodox Stewardship.