The Holy Great Martyr & Healer Panteleimon - His Life & Akathist


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Lovingly compiled by the Hermitage brotherhood in honor of its patron, Saint Panteleimon, this beautiful softcover booklet is ideal for both home and church.  It includes the life and passion of the Holy Great Martyr and Healer, along with his akathist hymn, beautiful icons, artwork and five special prayers.

Any of the five prayers may be used on its own as desired; for example, at the bedside of the sick or in supplicatory prayer services. The final prayer is a special offering of thanksgiving for healing received.

"The only purpose of our life from the time we are born is to find God and become one with Him and our fellow man. To this end God grants us guides and helpers along the way, beginning with our parents. However, as we draw closer to Him, climbing the Ladder of Divine Ascent, we begin to experience help from those who are nearest to God: His Saints. Therefore, Beloved, are you sick or suffering? Or are you seeking the true purpose of your life—to attain union with God? If so, then know that you have a compassionate helper whom our All-merciful Saviour has even given a name like unto Himself: the all-merciful Panteleimon. Call upon him!" (back cover).