The Orthodox Way - Classics Series Vol. 2 (hardback)

Metropolitan Kallistos Ware
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"The most ancient name for Christianity, author Metropolitan Kallistos Ware reminds us, is 'the Way' (Acts 19:23;24:22), and it is precisely as the journey that this word implies that he presents the tradition of Orthodox Christianity, its teachings and its practices in this vital work. The result is not an abstract presentation of 'Orthodoxy,' an outside look at, or description of, its dogmatics, rituals, and ascetic disciplines, compared to and contrasted with others, but an invitation to enter into the way, to begin the journey—and to do so always, into eternity—into the mystery of God through the living experience of the Orthodox Church.

As the author often points out, just as climbing a mountain requires an experienced and knowledgeable guide, so also an experienced and trusted spiritual guide, a mystagogue, is needed for the spiritual journey. Such a guide is crucial to ascend Mount Sinai and encounter the mysterious God in its darkness, and to climb Mount Tabor and behold the mystery of the transfigured Lord, and to be initiated into the mysteries of the Jerusalem above, our Mother, the Church. The Orthodox Way is such a guide, a book that takes the reader into the very mystery of God, and now speaks to us, in a new century and a new edition.

New edition with a Foreword by Fr John Behr


About the Author: Metropolitan Kallistos Ware is a renowned writer and lecturer. His works have introduced countless people to the life and traditions of the Orthodox Church, and he has left an indelible mark on contemporary Orthodox thought and history.