Traveling Companions - Walking with the Saints of the Church

Christopher Moorey
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Do you long to establish a relationship with the saints, but find them or the volumes written about them a little intimidating? The saints started out as ordinary Christians, just like us, and they are waiting to accompany us on our journey to heaven if we will only reach out our hands. Traveling Companions is a manageable volume that briefly introduces saints from a variety of times, places, and walks of life, all in language that brings them close to contemporary readers lives. You re sure to find companions here that you will be happy to walk with all the way to the Kingdom.

"The saints are inexhaustibly varied, each of them expressing the gifts of the Holy Spirit in his or her unique and unrepeatable way. Christopher Moorey has presented us with an admirable selection of examples from the 'great cloud of witnesses' by whom we are surrounded. He writes in a vivid and lively style: I am convinced that his book will help many rediscover the saints and to choose among them some whom in a distinctive way they will make their personal friends." -Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, describing the original Greek edition of Traveling Companions