A Pocket Psalter for Prayer

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A Psalter for Prayer is the first major English edition to include all the prayers needed to read the Psalter at home according to an Orthodox tradition that reaches back to the time of the desert fathers, known popularly as the 'cell rule'. In addition, the contents include many texts, traditionally printed in Orthodox Psalters, that are not easily found in English, such as the Rite for Singing the Twelve Psalms, directions for reading the Psalter for the Departed and much more. 

The pocket edition is presented here in a slimmed down pocket edition to inspire daily use in prayer at home and when traveling. The text is complimented by a flexible textured sewn binding, gold stamped cover, and three marker ribbons.

The Psalms have been adapted from the classic Miles Coverdale translation of the Book of Psalms and the King James Version of the Bible. The text has been carefully edited to agree with the original Greek of the Septuagint, as well as to the Latin and Church Slavonic translations, and has been approved for use within the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

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    Psalter for Prayer

    Posted by Ryan Daniel Close on 14th Apr 2024

    I love this new translation of the Psalter. I’ve been looking forward to purchasing one for years. The translation is superior to the old Boston Psalter which is sometimes awkward. This new translation is reverent and maintains a traditional literary feel. Moreover the typesetting is superior.

    However, I am disappointed by the cover. While the binding seems tight and solid the cover is already bent and deformed. It is a kind of rigid thin board that does not flex the way that other bibles with imitation leather do. But it is on so tightly that just opening the book bends the boards till they crease. And after reading three kathismata, careful not to open the book too wide, the cover along the spine is deformed in a strange way.

    While the text block is sound and solid, the cover is strange and disappointing. I thought I would save money and get the $20 pocket version to carry with me. I wish I had got the full size version.