Glorified in America: Laborers in the New World from Saint Alexis to Elder Ephraim

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hrough their life and labors, these saints who lived and worked in America proved that Christ and His Grace transcend any geographical limitation, and holiness can be achieved in any historical, sociopolitical, or geographic setting.   

—From the Introduction to the Greek Edition

Utilizing both words and images this book animates the lives of a selection of holy men who labored on the North American continent in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries to give birth to the  Orthodox Church in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Some of these have been formally glorified as saints and others may yet be. This book is much more than a simple historical account or retelling of their lives and particular service in North America: it is a spiritual manual, which strives to inspire and encourage its readers in their own struggle for the attainment of the holiness that adorns the lives of those recounted here.

Chronologically the lives described herein span the years from 1854 to 2019 and focus on the time each man spent laboring in North America. None of them spent all their life on this continent but they left a legacy on these shores that endures to this day and will surely continue. The text is interspersed by an  extensive collection of both black and white photographs and pen and ink drawings that, together with a final section of rich color photography, contribute greatly to bringing the reality of their life and times to us.



— Author Biography —

The Monastery of St John the Forerunner is located in Mesa Potamos, Cyprus and operates under the spiritual direction of His Eminence Athanasios, Metropolitan of Limassol. Among the monastery's many publications is The Romanov Royal Martyrs: What Silence Could Not Conceal.

Katherine Psaropoulou-Brits is a freelance translator based in Point Roberts, WA.

Matthew Namee is General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer for Orthodox Ministry Services and editor of, a website launched in 2009 to study the history of Orthodox Christianity in the modern world. He specializes in the history of Orthodoxy in America from the mid-nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries.