God's Revelation to the Human Heart

Fr. Seraphim Rose
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What does man seek in religion, and what should he seek in it? How does God reveal Himself in order to bring man to a knowledge of the Truth? How does suffering help this revelation to occur?

These and other questions were discussed by Fr. Seraphim Rose, an Orthodox Christian priest-monk, during a lecture he gave at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1981. The contents of this lecture comprise the present book, which includes Fr. Seraphim's answers to questions asked by the university students.

Drawing from a variety of sources- the Holy Scriptures, Patristic writings, the Lives of saints both ancient and modern, and accounts of persecuted Christians behind the iron curtain- Fr. Seraphim goes to the core of all Christian life: the conversion of the heart of man, which causes it to burn with love for Christ and transforms one into a new being.

Fr. Seraphim Rose (1934-1982) dedicated his life to reawakening modern Western man to forgotten spiritual truths. From his remote monastic cabin in the mountains of northern California, he produced writings that have reached millions throughout the world. Today he is one of the best-loved spiritual writers in Russia and Eastern Europe. His books Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future and The Soul After Death have changed countless lives with their sobering truth.