Healing Work: Giving Humanity a Second Chance

5.5 x 8.5
Fr Joshua Makoul
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The healing journey can be disorienting and mystifying. Where do we begin? How do we know which way to go? Like a trusted map, Healing Work orients readers within the practical strategies and insights they need to navigate healing’s ebbs and flows, successes and set-backs, with wisdom and confidence. It recognizes that deep emotional pain can defy easy answers, even those offered by a well-intentioned Orthodox Christian perspective. From identifying the roles and life projections that hold us back, to creating a life narrative and insight to move us forward, Healing Work is about finding freedom from distressing life experiences so that we can more fully attain the freedom we are granted in Christ. Not only is true and total healing possible (even when we have been stuck for years or decades), it can be learned and attained. No matter how deep our wounds may be, we can choose to acquire the skills of healing so that we can finally let go of the pain and fear that hold us captive.

About the Author: Fr. Joshua Makoul is the author of Healing Your Wounded Soul (Ancient Faith Publishing, 2020) and has served as the dean of St. George Cathedral in Pittsburgh since 2012. He worked in the counseling field for sixteen years, received two years of training in family therapy at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center, and completed a one-year certificate course in cognitive behavior therapy at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He also maintains an Ancient Faith blog, A Healing Driven Life, and his Ancient Faith podcast is called Healing the Unresolved: Putting the Past in the Past.

Fr. Joshua received his master’s degree in counseling psychology from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia and his MDiv from Holy Cross Seminary in Boston. He is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania for counseling.