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Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev


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Jesus Christ: His Life and Teaching, Vol. 2 - The Sermon on the Mount

This is the second volume of the six-volume series Jesus Christ: His Life and Teaching. It focuses entirely on the Sermon on the Mount, examining the Beatitudes, the Lord’s Prayer, and other teachings of the Lord in light of both current scholarship and the Church’s perennial tradition.


This is a work of great importance, in which—as a bishop, monk, and scholar—Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev touches upon the very heart of Christianity, giving us the figure of Jesus Christ represented in its spiritual depth as well as in its historical reality. I sincerely hope that Orthodox Christians, as well as Christians of the Western world, will be touched by this testimony and thus meet Christ in the midst of a world that is increasingly divorced from God.


The Sermon on the Mount encompasses the essence of the moral teachings of Christ. Metropolitan Hilarion—a scholar, prolific writer, and personal friend—explains the Sermon on the Mount in language that will be both appreciated by students of sacred Scriptures and understood by more casual readers. This book continually points to the person of Jesus Christ as the one who not only delivered the Sermon, but also personally lived out every facet of it, something we are all encouraged to emulate. I wholeheartedly recommend this volume as an important addition to the scholarship of Jesus.

—FRANKLIN GRAHAM, President and CEO of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

In this volume Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev offers fresh intertextual, canonical, and exegetical perspectives on the Sermon on the Mount. With valuable and vital spiritual insight, he invites us to hear more directly Jesus’ message, including Jesus’ moral demands and invitation to persevere for the sake of Jesus’ name. Unlike works that engage exclusively modern opinions, this volume helpfully draws on the range of interpreters through history, engaging the Church’s longer tradition.

—CRAIG S. KEENER, PH.D., Asbury Theological Seminary

Purchase this with it's companion volume, Jesus Christ: His Life and Teaching, Vol. 1—The Beginning of the Gospel.

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