Light Invisible: Satisfying the Thirst for Happiness

M. V. Lodyzhenskii
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All of man's life is a search for happiness; the goal of life is to be happy, to feel sensations of joy The thirst for happiness takes root in man with the first signs of consciousness. But even if everyone agrees on this truth, still many arguments always and everywhere have aroused and will arouse the question of what pleasure consists, what brings happiness and what brings unhappiness, what makes a person happy and what makes him unhappy" - M.V. Lodyzhenskii

Despite all the attractions and distractions of our technological age, the basic human need to be happy is rarely addressed. Undisturbed by all our external busyness there remains a fundamental yearning to be rooted in something greater than ourselves and to know a joy and peace which are enduring, whatever circumstances life may throw at us.

In this classic early twentieth century text a little-known Russian philosopher and theologian addresses these questions and offers answers rooted in the tradition of the Orthodox Christian East and the lives of its sainted Christian men and women. This is not an easy text and it will confront the reader with a choice which cannot be compromised: Am I willing to turn from the conventional wisdom of this world in order to know true happiness through an encounter with the Light of the Eternal God, a power which can conquer even that of physical death?