Man and the God-Man

Archimandrite Justin Popovich
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Father Justin Popovich was a deep, multifaceted, Christ-like person- a man of Pauline, biblical, and patristic stature and breadth. He bore witness to pan-Orthodox, God-revealed and Christ-given Eternal Truth both by his life and by his works, in word and in thought. This testimony can be seen within the present collection of his articles. "The mystery of Truth," he wrote, "is not in things, not in ideas, not in symbols, but in Personhood, namely the Theanthropic Person of the Lord Christ, Who said: I am the Truth (John 14:6): Truth that is perfect, never diminished, always one and the same in its complete fullness-yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8)."

For Fr. Justin, every Christian in the Body of Christ is "an extension of Christ's Incarnation, of the all-encompassing Economy of salvation of the God-man, of the experience of the all-embracing God-man: the ceaseless, voluntary, grace-filled Theanthropization of the self, the Christianization of the self."

A confirmation of this longing for God can be found by the truth-loving reader within this anthology of essays of neo-patristic synthesis by Fr. Justin- a thinker and philosopher, a wise man and theologian, a struggler and ascetic seer of inexhaustible energy, and evangelical penitent and apocalyptic Christologian (as he was recently called by the monks of Hilandar), a spiritually inspired writer and priestly liturgizer of the Most-High God. -Bishop Athanasius