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Orthodox Hymns of Christmas [CD]

Orthodox Hymns of Christmas as sung by the St Vladimir's Seminary Liturgical Chorale (Mixed Choir). In English.

1. O House of Ephratha (Valaam Chant)2. Lord I call..., What shall we offer..., When Augustus ruled...3. God is with Us (Znamenny chant)4. Festal Troparion - Thy Nativity O Christ Our God (Serbian)5. Festal Kontakion - Today the virgin gives birth (Kastal'sky)6. Prayer of St. Symeon (Kastal'sky)7. Praise the Name of the Lord (Znamenny, A. Chesnokov)8. The Magnification (Bakhmetev), Ps 66:19. From My Youth (Ledkovsky)10. Festal Prokeimenon11. Glory to God in the Highest (Ledovsky)12. The Nativity Kanon: Odes 1, 3, and 6 (Allemanov)13. Hymn to the Theotokos--Magnify O My Soul (Romanian)14. Festal Kontakion - Today the Virgin Gives Birth [in Slavonic]15. Colinda (in Romanian, a carol)16. Heaven and Earth [in Russian]17. Christ is Born Today [in Greek]