Road to Emmaus: Pilgrimage as a Way of Life

Jim Forest

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"This is a book which will hold the attention of any reader from the first page to the last, and such reading will have been in itself a pilgrimage both with and towards Christ." -Benedicta Ward S.L.G.

"This is a wise and penetrating exploration of pilgrimage as metaphor. Jim Forest reflects on milestones along every life's journey such as the road itself, maps, relics, illness, unexpected encounters and the warm welcome of an open front door. The interior journey from fear to peace can be as long and as full of incident as the Road to Santiago and Jim Forest is an excellent companion to have on the way." -Shirley du Boulay, author, The Road to Canterbury

In an age of tourism, the great challenge is to see ourselves at a deeper level: the dimension of pilgrimage. Being a pilgrim might involve a journey to distant places associated with God-revealing events, but it has more to do with simply living day by day in a God-attentive way. Jim Forest's book assists the reader to see one's life as an opportunity for pilgrimage, whether in places as familiar as your living room or walking the pilgrim path to Santiago de Compostela. Drawing on the wisdom of the saints and his own wide-ranging travels, Forest leads us to a range of "thin places," including Iona, Jerusalem, the secret annex of Anne Frank, the experience of illness, the practice of hospitality, and other places and occasions where we may find ourselves surprised by grace.

Jim Forest is the author of several award-winning books, including Praying with Icons, Ladder of the Beatitudes, Love Is the Measure: A Biography of Dorothy Day, Confession: Doorway to FOrgiveness, The Wormwood File: Email from Hell, and Living with Wisdom: A Life of Thomas Merton. He lives in the Netherlands.