The Story of Jesus: A History and Theology of Christ


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Part history, part theology, part devotional, The Story of Jesus explores the complete life and teachings of Our Lord from before His conception in the womb of Mary until His Ascension. Revered twentieth-century Egyptian elder and scholar Matthew the Poor wrote many volumes on the subject of Christ's significance, life, and teaching, which translator James Helmy has distilled into one highly readable book that will make a valuable addition to every Christian's library.

About Abba Matta: Known in the West as Matthew the Poor, Abba Matta is widely regarded as the greatest Egyptian elder since St. Antony the Great. He produced a huge and varied body of work in Arabic, only a little of which has been translated into English. In addition, a great many of his informal talks to monks and visitors were recorded. He had a marvelous ability to communicate the deepest spiritual truths in the simplest and most practical language, making them accessible to laypeople as well as monastics. He speaks to the heart rather than the head, gently exhorting the reader to pursue a deeper life in Christ.