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Arcbhishop Demetrios of America


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Ways of the Lord

Dedicated to His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the book is a collection of major addresses given by Archbishop Demetrios. The publication includes the keynote addresses from the 2000-2008 Clergy-Laity Congresses along with speeches delivered at conferences and symposia in the United States, Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey. Titles of some of the addresses included in the book are:

Offering our Orthodox Faith to Contemporary America
Gather My People to My Home
A Christian Spirituality of Peace and Justice in a Violent World
A Free Society Founded on Truth: Truth Making People Free
The Dynamics of the Orthodox Faith in Contemporary America
The Ecumenical Patriarchate and its Ministry of Reconciliation
Human Impasses and the Church Fathers

The title of the book, Ways of the Lord, emphasizes a major theme in all of the speeches. In the prologue Archbishop Demetrios writes, “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is by its very nature a living and dynamic reality to be shared by many, if not by all human beings. The permanent, absolute, and uncompromising condition of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the condition of transmitting it, of sharing it, of making it the precious property of more and more people.”

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