One Flew Over The Onion Dome

Joseph David Huneycutt
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Converts to the Orthodox Church are sometimes stunned by the ethnic ghetto they seem to have landed in. Cradle Orthodox are no less amazed by these zealous, sometimes apparently nutty converts. And priests often seem clueless as to how to deal with the mixed blessing of newcomers. How on earth can we all understand each other? More importantly, what can we learn from each other? Fr Joseph David Huneycutt helps readers—whether cradle, convert, "revert," or "retread"—navigate and explore the experience of converts to Orthodoxy.



About the Author:  Very Rev Joseph David Huneycutt, bestselling author of One Flew Over the Onion Dome (SVS Press), leads retreats on the passions, the virtues, and confession across the country. He is the pastor of St Joseph Orthodox Church in Houston, Texas, and is well-known for his blog and podcast, both called Orthodixie.



3 Reviews

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    A much-needed guide for clergy

    Posted by The Very Rev. Dr Chad Hatfield, President, St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary on 20th May 2020

    The reader will find a reasoned explanation, formed through both personal experience and observation, that tells not only stories but provides a much-needed guide for clergy.

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    A true gem

    Posted by Nathaniel, Archbishop of Detroit (OCA) on 20th May 2020

    We have found the Pearl of Great Price,' could be a subtitle to this gem, One Flew Over the Onion Dome. It is a precious collection of heartbeats reflecting the various facets of the same pilgrimage that St Paul made when called by Christ.... This is a must-read for cradles.

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    Up-front honesty and good humor

    Posted by Frederica Mathewes-Green, Author of Facing East and Welcome to the Orthodox Church on 20th May 2020

    The Convert experience is full of surprises, not only for the pilgrims involved but for those who attempt to pastor and teach them. One Flew Over the Onion Dome tackles these challenges with up-front honesty, good humor, and steadfast faith.