Everywhere Present: Christianity in a One-Storey Universe

Stephen Freeman
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Have you ever referred to God as "the Man upstairs"? Most Western Christians living in a secular society have unwittingly relegated God and all things spiritual to the "second storey" of the universe: a realm we cannot reach except through death. The effect of this is to banish God, along with the saints and angels, from our everyday lives.

In Everywhere Present, popular blogger and podcaster Fr. Stephen Freeman makes a compelling case for bringing God down from this imaginary second storey and becoming aware of His living and active presence in our lives here and now. Learning to practice your Christian faith in a one-storey universe will change your life- and make possible the living, intimate relationship with God you've always dreamed of.

Why is God absent from our lives? Why do we feel alienated from reality at the core of our being? ... Fr. Stephen invites us into the world of the ancient Christian faith, a world in which God is not trapped in a distant, non-experienceable Heaven, but is transformingly present in the concrete realities of our lives. Read this book and step into the wonders of the one-storey universe. Read this book... and meet the living God. -Fr. Alvin Kimel, Author of Speaking the Christian God

Fr. Stephen Freeman's excellent book is the story of how faith in our society has been compromised by secularism... Fr. Stephen's presentation analyzes, in a wonderful narrative style, all the various aspects of the loss of the consciousness of the Presence of God in our world. God has not disappeared from our world, but we have tried to exile Him to the second floor. -JONAH, Metropolitan of All America and Canada, Orthodox Church in America

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    This is a very informative book.

    Posted by Donna cokusis on 12th Feb 2024

    This book is opening my eyes!