Russian Church Singing, vol. I

Johann von Gardner
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This comprehensive study is intended to serve not only as a standard reference work but also as the cornerstone and inspiration for future research into the music of the Russian Orthodox Church. As its author emphasizes, the music of the Orthodox Church cannot be understood in purely aesthetic categories, apart from the liturgical context which determines both its context and its function. Accordingly, this first volume examines not only the early history of Russian chant, but also the structure of Orthodox worship and the poetical forms of its hymnography.


About the Author: Dr. Johann von Gardner, the eminent Russian-born musicologist, holds the Chair of Russian Liturgical Music at the University of Munich. Over the past fifty years he has written over 300 articles on liturgical music as well as several scholarly books. Russian Church Singing represents the culmination of his scholarly labors.


Also available from SVS Press: Russian Church Singing, vol. II.

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