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Geoffrey Hosking


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Russian History: A Very Short Introduction

Spanning the divide between Europe and Asia, Russia is strategically placed and abundantly provided with natural resources. But its sheer size, harsh climate, and vulnerable borders has made it difficult to mobilize those resources and to govern effectively, especially given the diversity of its people.

In this Very Short Introduction Geoffrey Hosking, a leading international authority, illuminates the most important aspects of Russian history, from the struggle by the state to control society to its transformation into a multi-ethnic empire, Russia's relations with the West and the post-Soviet era.

"Geoffrey Hosking has distilled a lifetime's knowledge of Russia to create this pithy introduction to her history. His vigorous, incisive text offers an accessible overview of a vast and enthralling subject." -Martin Sixsmith, Author of Russia: A 1,000- Year Chronicle of the Wild East

Geoffrey Hosking is Emeritus Professor of Russian History at University College London. He has written numerous books including A History of the Soviet Union (Fontana Press, 1992), Russia and the Russians (Penguin, 2001), and Trust: money, markets, and society (Calcutta & London, 2010). He is a Fellow of the British Academy.