A Basic Guide to Eastern Orthodox Theology: Introducing Beliefs and Practices

Eve Tibbs

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Eve Tibbs offers a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the beliefs and practices of the Eastern Orthodox Church for Western readers. Tibbs has devoted her career to translating the Orthodox faith to an evangelical audience and has over twenty years of experience teaching this material to students. Assuming no prior knowledge of Orthodox theology, this survey covers the basic ideas of Eastern Orthodox Christianity from its origins at Pentecost to the present day.
An Accessible Introduction to the Eastern Orthodox Church

This book offers a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the theology, spirituality, and life of the Eastern Orthodox Church for Western readers.

"Inviting, informative, inspiring! This primer on Eastern Orthodox theology is much more than a textbook. A Basic Guide to Eastern Orthodox Theology is an invitation into the mysteries and beauty of this ancient yet ever-renewing and living tradition. It is full of useful 'insider' information about the Church and its vibrant spirituality. Throughout, Tibbs hospitably compares Orthodox theology and tradition with its Protestant and Roman Catholic counterparts. An indispensable guide for all students, ministers, and instructors."
--Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Fuller Theological Seminary and University of Helsinki

"It is rare to find a female Orthodox theologian, let alone one that teaches at a leading Protestant evangelical seminary! Tibbs's experience dealing with common questions and misconceptions that evangelicals often have makes this book a valuable text for students and teachers alike."
--Bradley Nassif, North Park University

"An Orthodox Christian with years of experience teaching evangelical students--Tibbs is an ideal person to explain the fundamentals about the life, ethos, and faith of the Orthodox Church. I hope that her readership will include not only inquirers and converts to Orthodoxy but also 'cradle' Orthodox as well--anyone seeking to understand the basics and beyond."
--Peter C. Bouteneff, St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary

"This book is concise and readable yet sufficiently informative and detailed to serve as a solid introduction to the Eastern Orthodox Faith. Orthodoxy has too often been misunderstood as an exotic form of Catholicism or dismissed as a cult of dead, ritualistic observance. This book serves to dispel those misconceptions and promote better understanding between Christians."
--Eugenia Scarvelis Constantinou, Franciscan School of Theology, University of San Diego

"This bookis both an introduction to and apologetic for Eastern Orthodoxy in dialogue with Western Christianity. Tibbs presents the liturgical and patristic texts of the Christian East, demonstrating not only that these historical texts are sources for Orthodox theological study but also that they live within the hearts of today's Orthodox churches and people."
--Anton C. Vrame, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.