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Publisher: Oxford University Press

Zeba A. Crook


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Parallel Gospels - A Synopsis of Early Christian Writing

Parallel Gospels: A Synopsis of Early Christian Writing is an indispensable guide that enables readers to examine more easily how and where the early Christian gospels--Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Thomas, and Q--agree and disagree. Using his own unique approach to translating the original Greek texts into English, Zeba A. Crook offers the most literal, word-for-word translation available, helping readers to compare the structure, order, style, theology, and vocabulary of each gospel with the others.


* The word-for-word translation (one English word for every Greek word) allows readers who are not proficient in ancient languages to accurately compare the various versions of the gospels

* A detailed Introduction explains the purpose of this book, while a "How to Read a Synopsis" section outlines how to use it

* Synoptic Study Guides clarify and expand on concepts covered in the gospels and in biblical scholarship

* A Glossary of Greek Terms enables students to look up every English word in the translation and find the Greek word behind it


Zeba A. Crook is Associate Professor in Religious Studies at Carleton University. He is the author or editor of several books and many articles in New Testament Studies and Christian Origins, and sits on the executive and steering committees of several scholarly societies.